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Peter Cawley wrote:
> My local copy of WinNT.h has 12977 lines in it, and a grep over the
> Windows SDK include folder installed with Visual Studio turns up only
> that one reference to RtlUnwindEx:
> C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Include>grep RtlUnwindEx *.*
> winternl.h:RtlUnwindEx (
> Judging by the path name, this looks like version 6.0A of the Windows
> SDK rather than 7.0, which might explain why your copy has a
> definition and mine does not.

Ah ok, so you've still got the SDK version that was originally
shipped with the box of VS 2008. AFAIR there was a recommendation
somewhere to upgrade the SDK if you want to build for x64, as the
early versions were rather incomplete. But I can't find that text
now. However MSDN has a SDK selector guide:

Looks like the first three columns are for v7.0, v6.1 and v6.0
respectively. But don't blame me, if your installation goes boom
after the upgrade. :-)

So I guess I should mention in the docs that you need WinSDK v7.0
to get LuaJIT to compile for Windows/x64. Ok, done.