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Greetings, all:

Lua novice here.  I've written 2 (useful) programs in Lua so far.  I like it so far, but there is still a lot I don't know, or haven't figured out yet.  Yes, I've bought (and read) the books ;-)

Has Lua or eLua been ported to the PIC32 yet?  I would like to embed Lua into a embedded control system based on a PIC32.  The newest variants of PIC32 have up to 128K RAM, so I'm guessing that puts it in the practical category for Lua usage.

The core application would be written in C and compiled by Microchip's C32 compiler, with the Lua bytecode engine linked in.  I'm assuming it's desirable to compile the Lua programs to bytecode on the PC, so that the Lua compiler doesn't have to be hosted on the PIC32.

Tips, suggestions, and links appreciated.  Thank you!

FYI - you can see the results of my 2 useful programs here:

This is done by a Lua program that grabs solar power data in real time, totalizes it, and calls gnuplot to generate the PNG plot file.  A Lua CGI script writes the HTML page, inserting the latest data set, and the newly generated plot.

Note that the IP address will change over time.  If you are reading this from the archives, it may have changed.