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On Sat, 6 Mar 2010, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> > I hope they go away.  It's much easier to apply two patches to the
> > code which don't use the extra space than two which do.
> What do you mean with "two patches"? Can you give an example?

I'm sorry I can't remember the specific patch I was having an issue 
with, but I do remember vividly fixing merge conflicts with one of my 
own patches which used the extra space and another patch which also 
used the same mechanism.  It ended up being easier for me to rework my 
own patch to directly embed the extra data it needed into the 
lua_State and reference it by name, than to try and sort out the 
ickyness of two extensions trying to use the same space at the same 
time.  The merge tool was happier too.