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Anton Kukura wrote:
> I was looking forward to use JIT on embedded system (AMD Geode LX800). Many
> current embedded solutions have CPUs with not SSE support

  "In 2009, comments by AMD indicated that there are no plans for
  any future micro architecture upgrades to the processor and that
  there will be no successor."

In contrast to that: Via C7 has SSE2, Intel Atom has SSE2 ...

> LuaJIT boots scripting performance very well on embedded systems, it is
> needed due to CPU speed limitations. It is just too bad we have to stick
> with version 1.x.

You could try the 2.x interpreter. It's performance is pretty
close to the 1.x JIT compiler (sometimes worse, sometimes better).
I suggest you benchmark both in your application.

> May be others will join me and would vote to keep x87 as a back up for those
> systems.

It's not about "keeping" something. It's about investing time into
a new feature that's almost obsolete right now.

> Mike, once Lua 5.2 is officially released would you consider to update
> LuaJIT 1.x to Lua 5.2?

Ask me again when it's officially out.