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On 02 Mar 2010 14:36:42 +0100
Mike Pall <> wrote:

> Bytecode loading/saving is not a priority right now:
> - The bytecode format itself is still in flux during the betas.
> - It won't be compatible with Lua's bytecode in any case.
> - The parser is quite fast, so you wouldn't gain much.
> - Hiding the source code is not an issue for open source
>   developers. So far, no closed source developer has asked for
>   this feature and was also willing to cover the development costs.
> There are more pressing issues right now, so I'd need to hear some
> really good arguments before starting to work on it.

No that it makes it urgent at all but there are some "legit" uses of it
without being close sourced software.
My game currently handles its savefiles as a serialization of the running
objects, since some objects can have functions dynamically attached to
them it needs string.dump to serialize them and later reload them.
I am sure there are other such cases where it could be useful.

But yes anyway its better to get luajit2 ready that fiddle with such 
details :)

Go luajit go!