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>> 3) Inspect which upvalues are used in the resulting function, and use
>> debug.upvaluejoin to convert these faux upvalues in resulting function
>> into the real ones you identified in the call stack.

At first I though it was possible to do that in 5.1 too, but, if I
understand properly, the only way to get this behaviour is by making
an __index metamethod for the "loaded" chunck that will fake upval
access at runtime. Too slow for me ATM. I hope we'll get a 5.2work3

> module 'upvals'
> local x,y = 10,20
> function one() return x end
> function two() return y end
> Say we want to recompile 'one' later so that it returns x+y; we have
> to look at the upvalues of all of the other module functions to find a
> reference - in this case y can be accessed through 'two'.

What about this?

function lexicalScopePlaceHolder()
    error("I'm not meant to be called")
    return x, y, z

-- Pierre-Yves