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Steve, Robert, Sam - thank you for your support on this issue. It turned out to be the problem of not yet implemented feature in wireshark. When I sent email to Stig (one of the wireshark developers), he fixed the problem right away and it took only 1 line of C code. The fix was applyed in Wireshark Version 1.3.4-SVN-31951

For anyone who will find this thread looking for the solution of the same problem (like I did with other threads) the details of the problem and it's solution are here:

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 5:57 AM, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 1:00 AM, Peter Smith <> wrote:
> Thanks, guys, for your responses. I spent two days surfing the net to find a
> working sample but now I see it may be not an easy task. It makes it more
> difficult for me since I am not a programmer but rather a network engineer
> with some scripting skills...

Peter, have you asked on the wireshark mailing list?

I'd try that before wasting days surfing the net. I've found them
helpful and responsive in the past.

Your questions don't have anything to do with lua. The data you want
is not the userdata, you are
getting 4 bytes because the userdata contains a pointer to a wireshart struct.

I've written a few wireshark dissectors, but haven't managed to do
anything interesting without
reading the source, and definitely don't have the APIs memorized. I
know this is bad news if you don't read C. If you do read C, its not
hard to find the source, which lists explicitly all methods available
on a userdata, and from there its pretty easy.