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On Fri, 19 Feb 2010 15:44:36 -0800
Majic <> wrote:

> Technically the first will be more expressive in text editors with
> syntax highlighting, as it all gets highlighted as a comment.  The
> second uses in-place preprocessor directives, in vim only those lines
> are highlighted as the comment color :>  So clarity over clarity is
> not clear :D

Umm... What? 

Vim correctly highlights #if 0 / #else combos:
#if 0
	printf("Pants Off\n"); // This appears as a comment
	printf("Pants On\n"); // This appears as code

It doesn't always grab #if 1 correctly however :-(
Sounds like a bug report.

	[Wondering why people spend so much time with tricks, rather
	then developing real skills]