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On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 3:27 PM, Scott Vokes <> wrote:
> It may work to have the OS packaging system call LuaRocks to install,
> but handle any dependencies itself. Doing OS-local configuration and
> patching at build time would probably be harder, though.

Another idea which was discussed was to turn this inside out; a
LuaRocks package will have OS-specific external package 'hints', which
would translate into suitable apt-get, etc invocations.  For each
package to specify the external package names for all the various
managers would be quite a burden on the individual packager, however.
Perhaps one could keep a central repository of external package names
which could be queried to provide the actual package manager
invocation for that OS.  This shifts the burden upstream, but is
probably more scaleable.

Of course, some OSses don't have package management ;)