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On 2010-02-15, Alex Combas <> wrote:
> I just found this interesting article from a Russian blogger which discusses
> some of the upcoming changes.
> Here is the English translation

Please, do NOT use the google translation of this article. It is so
bad that meaning of some statements is inverted. For example,

Original Russian text: "ABI и байткод, как и ожидалось, несовместимы с 5.1."

Correct English translation: "As expected, ABI and bytecode are
incompatible with version 5.1."

Google's English translation: "ABI and bytecode, as expected,
compatible with 5.1."

"incompatible" becomes "compatible". Worse than useless!

I believe the original Russian article is by Alexandder Gladysh. He
posted something very similar on the Lua Wiki back in January.