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spir wrote:
On Fri, 12 Feb 2010 14:11:06 -0800
Nathan Angelacos <> wrote:

The target is to have some regex parser turn a config file into a tree (in my case, json would be preferred), and back again.

May I ask why you don't use Lua itself as config language?

Good question.
I want to  parse config files from /etc,  for example,
I have no control over the format, and there are plenty of different formats. I then want to process the parsed tree with Lua.

The easiest way out of that problem is appears to be:

A) Use someone else's filter (and bind it to Lua)
B) Rewrite someone else's filter in Lua
C) Roll your own filter in Lua

Of the three options, A seems the least amount of work (and thus the original question)

Hope that helps.