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On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 2:11 PM, BLAKEscIence bs <> wrote:
> Do you think that the '.dll' file is the only way to use MySQL with LUA
> scripts???


the problem is that on one hand you have Lua, and on the other hand
you have a C library that doesn't know anything about Lua (the MySQL
client library).  the only way to bind those is to write a new C
library that uses both the MySQL C API and the Lua C API.  that's what
you call "the .dll".  AKA a binding library.

what other possible solutions could be?

- you could write a binding in Lua with the Alien library; but Alien
is also a C library.

- in theory you could directly write to the MySQL wire protocol,
bypassing the MySQL client library; but that means using a library
like LuaSocket to get to the wire.  And yes, LuaSocket is also a C

in short: if you have Lua but can't extend it, there's a lot you won't
be able to do.