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On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 5:07 AM, Majic <> wrote:
> Technically, since function whatever() ... end is just syntactic sugar
> for whatever = function () .. end, perhaps just using () should become
> a way to denote a function?  Since {} is used to denote a table,
> perhaps you could do whatever = () ..end.  However I still prefer
> being as verbose as possible about my types, and i don't like the
> |param1, param2| ickiness that stems from Ruby.  Who knows... just a
> thought...  I pride Lua on being as verbose as possible (within
> reason), so I'm not really pushing for a way to help other scripters
> be lazy typists :p
> Regards :)

What we need is to replace the begin and end.

Lua table use { as begin and } as end.

So a possible replacement might be: (){ ... }, i.e. a table after ()
defines a function. like

(x, y){return x+y}

I do think some Macro feature can accomplish this, i.e. have some
pre-compile step for lua without actually changing lua syntax.

But we obviously should not remove the "return", since lua requires
statements in the function body instead of an expression.