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>>> One can't link Lua statically to the Lua modules, not to the application itself.
>> Why not? you can simply do this by adding the source of lua module
>> into your project.
> Err, I must be not fully awake yet :-)
> One can't link Lua statically to the Lua modules if he links that
> modules dynamically.
> Better?

I'm really confused. Why do you want to both statically and dynamicly
link to the same module?

In generally you should statically link everything, including
3rd-party modules into your host-application. For example, you're the
game developers, you statically link everything.

Well, your end-user (the player of the game), may want something for
his own. He can dynamically load his own modules, but that has nothing
to do with the original game developers.

If you're both developer and user, then you may mix static and dynamic
link, but that's up to you.