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> If the developers think adding 'continue' support by default is not
> desired. then add an option for users to enable continue support in
> their own version.

> something like:

> #define LUA_USE_CONTINUE 1

If we start to add defines on language feature basis, Lua would cease
to exist as one language, and would become a blurred set of dialects.

I believe this would really hurt the language. Even now it is still
barely possible to find good 3rd party Lua library (in broad sense)
for a given task. It would be impossible with this change.

You need fancy feature, not in core language and you can't talk Lua
Team into implementing it? Take Metalua and implement it yourself (or
ask Fabien, he usually helps with sane enough requests; I think I've
seen code for continue somewhere). With Metalua's mature macros system
you stay within the borders of the language and compatible with the
rest of the code out there.