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2009/12/23 Alexander Gladysh <>:
> Hi, list!
> recently launched a program for free vote-based
> adverstising of open-source projects.
> A banner has to get five up-votes here to get into rotation:
> You can see all ads currently in rotation here:
> I'm not sure if Lua itself requires a banner, but aren't there
> Lua-related projects around that would benefit from extra publicity?
> LuaJIT 2 sponsorship program perhaps?

I believe a requirement of the ads is that they are requesting
contributors to the project. This rules out Lua itself, or advertising
for sponsorship I think.

I looked at this the other day, and considered submitting an ad for
Prosody, but I'm too busy coding to design it. I'm not actually
certain that it would attract people anyhow, the majority of
StackOverflow simply being the wrong target audience :)

On the other hand I'll drop it here that if anyone wants to have fun
dabbling in open-source Lua and network stuff (XMPP or otherwise), or
really help us out with fixing up some of the C libraries for Lua that
aren't quite up to scratch yet (IPv6 in LuaSocket, certificate
inspection in LuaSec, to name a couple), we're here (and at ).

There currently isn't much of an overlap between the Prosody and Lua
communities, maybe I shouldn't be surprised at that - the Lua
community is a particularly diverse one - but I can't help feeling I
need to fix it all the same. Besides, I have reason to believe that
Prosody is the most active open-source Lua project around[1] :)