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> Also, since almost everything in the eCos kernel is optional, we can
> get rid of the filesystem and other 'legacy' concepts.  Just a Lua API
> to manage the creation of Lua processes (or tasks, or actors...), the
> TCP/IP network and some form of persistence (only if you have
> persistent storage; if not, just use the same remote API through the
> network)

The killer of almost all hobbyist OSes is device support. This is why
SkyOS recently switched over to using the Linux kernel. So the
question becomes, do we want a more flexible, simpler kernel with less
driver support, or a more complex kernel with better driver support,
but less "hackability"?

Perhaps the question comes down to what the goal of the LuaOS is? So
far the goal sounds like "this would be awesome! let's do it!"...but
perhaps a more defined goal would allow us to determine what kernel to
use. If we generate a list of deliverables of what the OS should
due...then perhaps the rest will follow.


“One of the main causes of the fall of the Roman Empire was
that–lacking zero–they had no way to indicate successful termination
of their C programs.”
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