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Warning, shameless plug ahead.  The Lua unit that comes with FPC falls short in almost every way.  I've got one of my own (comes with source and examples and is also what I used in the Lua Gems book) at

There are problems with it in Delphi, but FPC, GNU Pascal, and the rest seem to be happy with it.  There is also a simple (and I mean simple) SDL + Lua + Lazarus game engine on the same site.

You might also be interested in as there are several discussions on it about Lua and Pascal.

 - Jeremy

2009/12/17 Michal Kolodziejczyk <>
On 17.12.2009 09:34, Luciano de Souza wrote:

> In the official pack, Freepascal come with the unit Lua. It's wonderful
> because I can use Lua without further components. Bu how to do that.
> Even if trying, I could not understand the mechanism to call the
> interpretor, register functions Pascal in Lua, register functions Lua in
> Pascal, convert the types of variables, etc.

I don't program in Pascal (since TurboPascal days ;) but you can check
some source codes:

There is also but it seems unmaintained

If the Lua unit comes in the official pack, you should ask Freepascal
maintainer for help.