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Hi all,

I'm coming to the Lua's World. I've read some references and, being successful in programming in Lua, I decided to advance more seriously. Until now, I have programed in Object Pascal, by means of Freepascal Compiler. Actially, I like Pascal, but some features, it's not easy to develop then with Pascal. So why don't try to embed Lua in a Pascal application?

In the official pack, Freepascal come with the unit Lua. It's wonderful because I can use Lua without further components. Bu how to do that. Even if trying, I could not understand the mechanism to call the interpretor, register functions Pascal in Lua, register functions Lua in Pascal, convert the types of variables, etc.

Is there any progressive documentation or example to help me in this challenge?

I found some code in C. If the explanations were complete, if the concepts were well thought, with some effort, I will be successful in translate it to Pascal environment. But everything I found presumed the reader could understand the role of each function. As a review topic, yes, it would be a very good material, but how to start, trully start, regarding how to program in Lua and Pascal?


Luciano de Souza