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On Dec 16, 2009, at 9:24 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> Ah. But how did you know it was a SQL database?

Because of 'DBTable' perhaps. But otherwise, just a wild guess :)

> Maybe I just have an in memory database that also supports where and select. Using this sort of construct (essentially inspired by LINQ), we gain flexibility on data sources.

Ah, yes, that mythical straw man argument... :)

"The Vietnam of Computer Science"

> I also avoided generating a table per item in this case.

Ah. But how did you know it was generating a (new) table per item?

> On the other hand, I've definitely seen ORMs where it fails to generate the efficient SQL.

I have failed to see any ORMs generate any efficient SQL as by definition they can only cater to the lowest common denominator. So much for that sophisticated RDBMS, when your ORM can only generate the most rudimentary of select statement. Oh, well...

Not even tangentially related, but somehow, strangely, appropriate:

"The S stands for Simple"