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2009/12/16 Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:
>> So far I'm not convinced, but I don't decide. Just insist (or better,
>> provide a patch), and you might win the argument.
> Just a reminder: in our view, a patch adds nothing to this kind of
> discution: We all know how to implement what is being proposed. A patch
> (actually a proof of concept) only helps when the main/only argument
> against something is performance or code size.

But a patch might encourage some people to use it (as a patch), test
the concept, and find better arguments for or against it. They would
provide feedback and better insight to help you decide whether this is
good or not. Of course it would hardly be usable by you since the
future version is not public, and a feature coded against last release
is unlikely to apply as-is to the next Lua. Tell me if I'm wrong :-)