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On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 6:29 PM, Jerome Vuarand
> good. But all proposals are good too. Should we integrate anything
> that is proposed by anyone or should we put a limit somewhere ?

Although temperamentally inclined to push new features, I think this
is the main point: the set of all proposals is an untidy bag of
conveniences.  I come from a C++ background, and one of the reasons I
don't enjoy that language much anymore is that there is no such thing
as an innocent expression - just about anything can be overloaded. C
is a pleasure since the semantics are so simple (relatively!), and one
learns that being a little bit more explicit is the price of
transparent code clarity.

So for v in obj:iter() do ... end doesn't feel bad. We're used to
pairs() anyway, readability is more important than typeability.  Of
course, it's then a convention, and as proud cats we tend to follow
our own ;)

steve d.