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liam mail wrote:

It depends on what you want from the library which one you should try. For example as you want it to be cross platform that rules out a couple of them.

These are all good questions.

For now I'm doing a proof of concept, so it only needs to work on Linux x64. But if things pan out, I'll need a (possibly different) library that handles both Windows x64 and Linux x64.

Do you want it to use vanilla Lua or are you OK with it making adjustment to the Lua core, remembering that many addons and debuggers for Lua with a changed core may not work.

I'd like to avoid that if possible. One of the reasons for considering Lua is that performance is important, and I'm hoping to use LJ2 when it works on x64.

Then there seems to be some with are no longer in development and also do you want to preform the binding yourself or do you want it to be automatic and the library parses your input files?

At the moment, this is for a proof of concept, so whatever's easiest to get something up an running is probably best. Longer term we may care about micromanaging the resulting bindings, performance, etc. So basically, I'm new enough to Lua to not know what the issues are for this one.

If you are thinking of going down the reinvent the wheel route

I'd rather not; I tried this last time, and it was very time consuming to get something basic up and running since I was unfamiliar with all parts of Lua. Now I have about 3 days experience in Lua & binding, which isn't much better. :)

Sorry but if I were to recommend a library it would be a biased answer so I will leave it at that.

Thanks!  With the info above, does that help at all?