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Tobias Kieslich <> dixit:

> Hi,
> I have an idea where you are coming from and nice code is always good
> but especially the the multiline stuff in Lua is nice because even
> though it is a tad noisier it actually allows for nested comments:
> --[=[
> 	chunk of code
> 	--[[
> 		Longish comment ...
> 	--]]
> 	code
> --]=]
> which makes it really easy to take out code segments for testing. That
> is a powerful feature I don't wanna miss.
> 	-T

Thanks for the explaination. Precisely I wondered about nested comments' use case. (About the purpose of such a complicated syntax for comments and string.) What about nested (multiline) strings?


PS: I don't wish lua be more whatever-language-like. (Except I would be pleased if mainline languages had adopted concatenative postfix syntax instead, as it brings imo relevant advantages.) But I find sensible to watch what others do well, when it can fit the rest of our language.

la vita e estrany