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On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 11:12 AM, Emil Tchekov <> wrote:
> My opinion is - Not everybody is a guru, able of solving dependencies hell
> in sleep... - so it is very good job, that you've done with your "bat
> included" pack for Windows. Press install and enjoy working environment!

Oh no, I only had a supporting role in LfW!  For that, you must thank
Andrew Wilson and Ryan Pusztai.

But we agreed that a 'Lua for Linux' (or Unix) was a next step, and
I've made experiments. In the new year I hope to release it properly
using LuaRocks 2.0 as the extension mechanism. Personally, I'm not
scared or snobbish about binaries, providing the package manager is
smart enough.  Some things (like wx or even IUP) are hard to compile
if you are a casual user, because of their external dependencies.

Meanwhile, Ryan is looking at a proper build-everything-from-scratch
environment for LfW, possibly using LuaDist,