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2009/12/10 Kristofer Karlsson <>:
> Cool, it would be interesting to know how this differs from MochaLua, LuaJ
> or Kahlua (did I miss any other pure Java implementations of Lua?)

It would indeed.  A brief look at tells me that many
of the "top level" design decisions are settled in very similar ways
in both Jill and Kahlua.  A Java double (actually often Double in
Jill) is a Lua number.  A Lua string is a Java String. The GC is the
JVM GC, and so on.

I forgot to mention that Jill doesn't implement io.* (that page
reminded me), and that's of course because it's more or less
meaningless of CLDC 1.1

If I have more time, I'd like to look at the other implementations too.