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Also, your "next" implementation seems rather slow, iterating through a table would take O(n^2) time it seems.

I noticed it because I also considered using Hashtables as a base for LuaTable when writing Kahlua, but implementing an efficient next was made very hard.


On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 4:40 PM, David Jones <> wrote:
2009/12/10 Kristofer Karlsson <>:
> Cool, it would be interesting to know how this differs from MochaLua, LuaJ
> or Kahlua (did I miss any other pure Java implementations of Lua?)
> I looked through the code briefly and found this interesting piece of code:
>   private static final Slot SPARE_SLOT = new Slot();
> which is later on mutated in the code.
> It seems like this implies that you can not run more than one Lua state at
> once, is that correct?

[this is the same David Jones, just in my disguise]

Ooh, you're good.  I hadn't thought of that.  Off the top of my head,
I think it may well mean that running more than one Lua state at once
(meaning concurrently, in separate JVM threads) is a bad idea / will
not work / will get corrupt results.  That particular use is rather
embarrassingly clunky and hacky, but it should be straightforward
enough to change if it does turn out to be a problem.

Thanks for very speedily finding a bug, or at least an embarrassment
that I should tidy up.  I will think on it.