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I'm using tolua++ (on a small scale). I think it is a fine tool to bind
small and medium sized C++ libraries.

"tolua++ is an extended version of tolua, a tool to integrate C/C++ code
with Lua. "

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> Martin C. Martin
> Sent: woensdag 9 december 2009 4:46
> To: Lua list
> Subject: The current state of interfacing Lua with C++ code
> Hi,
> What libraries would someone recommend for binding Lua to 
> parts of a large, existing C++ code base?  It needs to work 
> in both Windows and Linux.  I'm looking at LuaPlus (I know, 
> it's a lot more than just a C++ binding), but perhaps that's 
> not the place to start?
> The "Lua C API" page at:
> mentions 11 projects; which ones would people suggest I try 
> first, and are there any that are abandoned or superseded or 
> should otherwise be left until later?
> Best,
> Martin