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2009/12/9 Mike Pall <>:
> Jerome Vuarand wrote:
>> The point is that I was able (without being backed by "any C
>> standard") to store integer constants and values that do not fit a
>> double in the 64bits win32 ABI (e.g. INVALID_SOCKET, TVI_FIRST) in a
>> Lua light userdata. To be compatible with LuaJIT2 I'll have to put
>> these objects in a full userdata, and make sure my lua_toUINT_PTR
>> accept these.
> It's your choice if you want to (ab)use lightuserdata for that
> purpose. But now you have full knowledge that this is violating
> basic portability assumptions. So don't blame it on me or LuaJIT.

I wasn't blaming anyone, I just wanted to be sure I understood
properly that limitation (of C), and advertise it to other people
eventually having to face it.