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2009/12/3 Pavol Severa <>:
> the gsl-shell is really great

thank you :-)

> I have a little complaint however :)
> complex numbers are not quite precise, e.g.
>> =(1+1i)^2
> 1.2246063538224e-016+2i
> The complex module from numlua doesn't have these problems; would it
> be somehow possible to merge it with gsl-shell? (the module is very
> small and independent of any libraries)

Asko's LNUM patch contains some known bugs that we should fix, any
help is welcome. Doug Rogers already sent me a patch to fix an error
with integer power of complex number but for the moment I didn't
commit it. I don't know if this is related to your problem, I will
need to look more closely.

I'm potentially interested in the numlua complex stuff but I would
like to understand how numlua manage complex numbers ? Are they
considered as native types ?