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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
Roberto - given the infrequent nature of the issue it would appear that  
it's a GC inside another thread.
Would you say the fix is sufficient?
It seems to be sufficient (but see next).

Seems fine this side too. I'm currently thrashing the code to see if anything falls over. Looking good so far :-)
Or are there other things that cross your mind now?? :-)
No, but that is not very reassuring. That problem did not cross my mind
until you pinpointed it...

LOL! Hopefully I won't have to pinpoint any more!
BTW, just to say that Lua has been an absolute gem for our embedded ARM9 product and the integration with C & C++ has enabled some wonderful features. I really must get round to filling in a Lua project description :roll:

PS: did someone say that threads are evil? :)

Not evil. Just much maligned! LOL!