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Awadhesh Kumar wrote:
But in second call of disectors, udp length is coming null. I don't know for what packet this is being called?
Please help me in this regard.

I *think* the second call is a re-dissection of the packet, and I *think* the whole set of properties gets cleared out when a packet is re-dissected. Each packet is then freshly dissected. You can pick up properties when you chain dissectors or register as a postdissector. You might also be able to store some history in a global table, but I haven't tried that.

The Wireshark Lua API documentation is not complete - it's on their to-do list. You might be able to track down your problem by looking at the Lua interface code in the Wireshark distribution under epan/wslua.

Also, try trimming down your dissector to the bare minimum that shows the problem - including how it is registered with the UDP or TCP table - then post the full code (to the Wireshark list). My Wireshark dissectors are called whenever a new filter is applied and whenever a particular packet is selected. When I initially load a pcap file, it does not run twice. but only once.

I learned enough of the Wireshark Lua API to replace my binary C filter with a much simpler Lua one so I can move it easily between Windows and Linux. But I'm far from an expert.

As KHMan indicated, you'll have better luck contacting Wireshark Lua API people. This isn't such a bad place to look initially, I suppose. You might find a few here (I'm not one).

On a side note, I'd like to add some kind words of congratulations to KHMan. In the past I have seen more severe admonishments from you. I'm happy to see your patience has improved! :)


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