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On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 3:30 PM, Jacob Jay <> wrote:
> On 23 Oct 2009, at 10:58 AM, Stefan wrote:
>> Hello all, I was recently looking at different ways to switch our web
>> application written in Lua from apache to nginx (we are currently using
>> mod_wombat *in production* to earn a living).
>> One night, I started with the FastCGI devkit threaded.c example, and after
>> a bit'o'hackin started to see some promising results. It is multi-threaded
>> and very lightweight, with Lua VM states that persist between HTTP requests.
>> So I tossed it up on and now I have
>> come to the point where I will be building the interface (API?) from Lua
>> land back to the worker thread. I was going to just build a mod_wombat
>> compatible one, but then thought I would ask here - just in case anyone else
>> was interested in one day using this abomination.
>> WSAPI comes to mind as a potential target...
> [cc'd to Kepler list]
> FastCGI is definitely the way to go, but if you haven't, do check out
> wsapi-fcgi which is part of Kepler ( I use this
> with spawn-fcgi and lighttpd/nginx. An additional FCGI-Lua interface may be
> unnecessary unless you want it to do something notably different to that of
> the Kepler WSAPI one.
> I had actually been considering replacing wsapi-fcgi with something like
> your setup if only for simplicity...however now that I've measured yours
> against it, the extra functionality of wsapi-fcgi is probably worth its
> little additional overhead.
> For a basic "hello world" test wsapi-fcgi yields results similar to yours
> (both in the region of 4,000+ requests per second on 2 cores) and the best
> I've seen thus far is 7000rps on 4 cores (makes all the difference, given
> that I can't seem to otherwise push CPU use to the max.).
> Incidentally luafcgid is eating CPU at ~6% when idle (on OS X, anyway).

Hi Jacob

I'd be interested in seeing how you start spawn-fcgid with wsapi-fcgi,
what command line do you use, just to compare with mine... Do you have
any specific setup options ? I have posted my nginx configuration
about two weeks ago on the kepler mailing list. Do you use nginx or
lighttpd ? Do you mind posting the nginx/lighty config you used for
the tests ?


Bertrand Mansion