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Hi all

I am struggling with the long format for specifying literal strings in
programs.  Here is my program:

s = [[a

print(string.byte(s, 1, string.len(s)))

Unfortunately I am loosing a carriage return in the string.  Here is a
hexdump of the code to clarify:

7320 3d20 5b5b 610a 620d 635d 5d0a 0a70  s = [[a.b.c]]..p
7269 6e74 2873 7472 696e 672e 6279 7465  rint(string.byte
2873 2c20 312c 2073 7472 696e 672e 6c65  (s, 1, string.le
6e28 7329 2929 0a0a                      n(s)))..

You will notice there is a newline between the "a" and "b", and a
carriage return between the "b" and "c".  Here is the output as
interpreted by the standard Lua interpreter:

97      10      98      10      99

I would have expected a 13 in place of the second 10.  Any ideas?
I am using Lua 5.1.4 on linux.  Thanx!

chris de villiers