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Version 0.02 of Rima, a symbolic math modelling package and binding to a number of linear programming [1] libraries, is available.

Documentation starts at lua.html , development is now hosted on google code at , and you can get the tarball from

If you're wanting to solve LPs from Lua, then as far as I know, Rima's your only choice (can anyone tell me otherwise?). If you're not interested in LPs, then Rima's late-bound symbolic math is worth a look. It might be pretty nifty, and at the very least it's a horribly complicated way of solving a simple problem.

Changes since the last version are a much richer late-bound handling of tables and table composition, improvements to syntax, and much better (but still not complete) documentation. (BTW, the all the code snippets in the documentation make up part of the test suite thanks to doctest.lua!).

Coming up (this could take a while) I hope to move onto column-wise modelling and submodels, heading for some kind really nice composability system for models.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.