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On 10/16/09, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
>> I did modify luaconf.h for 64-bit, which might be related to my
>> problems. Since I needed to be able to hold 64-bit numbers, I changed
>> lua_Number to long double. It's possible I forgot to change something
>> else I'm required to change. This is my diff -u of luaconf.h.
> You did not change LUAI_USER_ALIGNMENT_T as instructed. I'm not sure
> the crash is related to that, though. You may want to check what Asko
> did in his LNUM patch.

What is the correct incantation for this?

#define LUAI_USER_ALIGNMENT_T	union { long double u; void *s; long l; }
#define LUAI_USER_ALIGNMENT_T	union { double u; void *s; long l; long
double v; }
or something else (or does it matter).

Unfortunately, I tried both of these, and the crash still persists.