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Hi all,

I would like just to announce the release of GSL Shell 0.6. I've
completed the new module for FFT routines and its documentation. I've
also introduced the new syntax for function literals like |x, y|
sin(x)*cos(y) but if you enable BUILD_LUA_DLL in makeconfig it will
disabled. If you also disable complex numbers the library will work
with a standard  Lua binary but you will lose a lot of functionalities
about complex numbers.

Any suggestion is welcome. I would appreciate also if someone can test
the build system on a mingw/windows system or also on other linux

I currently looking for volunteers to help me to extend GSL shell.
Many modules needs to be written like Special Functions, Random
Numbers, Eigensystems, Simulated Annealing and many others.

Thank you very much in any case.

Best regards,