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  Sorry I still did not have time to build a rock for IUP, CD and IM. But I can help you and anyone interested in installing IUP, CD or IM.

  The first thing to do is to try the pre-compiled binaries. Download the pack for your system, unpack it on the folder you like, set LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you do not install it on the system folder, and change LUA_CPATH to contain "./lib?;" (if you are not using LuaBinaries), so require"iuplua" will work.

  Of course something can go wrong on the way. Then simply contact us directly so we can work together on any issues.


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> Subject: IUP rock?
> Does anyone have a rock (or Debian package!) for IUP?
> I've been spoilt by so many years of configure scripts that I now
> cannot
> figure out how to install it.
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