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	Hi Thijs

I would like to write a simple SOAP client in Lua. I am using luarocks and
installed the Kepler project additionally. I found luasoap, but my problem
is that it relies on Expat, yet isn't available for luarocks. Apparently it
was developed as part of the Kepler project, but I haven't found anything
about SOAP in the Kepler documentation.

Luasoap is also quite old (2004) so I wonder if it is recommended.

If I'm going with luasoap, is there a way to add it to the luarocks
repository, so that it will automatically find luaexpat there too?
	We are using LuaSOAP here at PUC and it is working quite well.
Also, we are planning to release a new version quite soon (in fact, we
are waiting LuaSec 0.4 which will come with https support).  If cannot wait,
I can send you the files (I think anonymous CVS on LuaForge won't work).