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2009/10/10 Andre Carregal <>:
> Hi,
> After a delay longer than most would want (but shorter than I was
> expecting) LuaForge is getting up again.
> As many have already noticed, the services are being restored one by
> one and some are not functional yet. We already have the GForge web
> interface running (which allows for downloads and issue tracking), the
> project sites ( and CVS (pserver only).
> These were the critical services to have back and we will keep
> restoring the others during the weekend (and the Brazilian holiday),
> meanwhile let us know about any problems found on LuaForge.

What is the status of mailing lists, especially ?


> Unfortunately the data recover wasn't perfect and we lost some data
> after Sep-13. This explains why some project are no longer on LuaForge
> and why some users can't log in. For those impacted by the data loss,
> my sincere apologies. All I can do is ask the involved to please
> consider registering again the project and user accounts on LuaForge.
> I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for Alessandro Hecht for his
> incredible sprint to bring GForge from the ashes. It was a really hard
> work done under significant pressure and he deserves most of the
> credits for the recovey.
> Big thanks to Paulo Fernando, Daniel Albuquerque and Rosa Ladeira for
> their help with infraestructure.
> A special nod to Jim Whitehead, Norman Clarke, Patrick Donnelly,
> Fabien Fleutot and Fabio Mascarenhas for their help figuring out what,
> when and how to do things during the crisis.
> Last, but not least, thanks everyone for the patience and, again, my
> deep apologies for those that were impacted by the data loss.
> I'll keep the list informed about the site status.
> André