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I'm personally a huge fan of IUP. As stated, it's practically made for Lua (it's a Tecgraf project that was hosted on LuaForge for years). It's also hugely platform-independent (it's implemented natively on Windows, then in GTK for GNOME, KDE, and OS X, then in Motif for pretty much anything else), and very simple and flexible (a virtue of its Lua-paralleling design).
From: "Merick" <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 P7:10
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.lua.general
To: "Lua list" <>
Subject: Re: Lua for GUI toolkit wrapping?

Patrick wrote:
probably you are saying about different things - Qt itself and Qt/Lua

Absolutely. I am not criticizing QT or any other toolkit, I am just
wondering if I am going in the wrong direction. I would like to use Lua
with GTK in particular but I am second guessing myself because there
seems like quite a small community around it. I can't understand why?
Why would anyone want to code a GUI in C/C++ if they had something like Lua?

IUP uses GTK, and was practically built for Lua: