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On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 8:11 PM, Jacques Chester <> wrote:
> I've argued similar things before in other forums (that
> apps in future might embed their own HTTP handling). But
> I didn't see it being a case of using a pure Lua, pure
> Ruby, pure Python etc solution. Rather I expected folk
> would settle on some fast, easily wrapped C library.
> One that looks nice is Libebb[1].

Libevent, used in memcached, also provides an HTTP library that looks
pretty easy to bind to Lua. But for both libevent and libebb you also
have to put some kind of load balancer in front to distribute the
requests among your cores, as these event-based HTTP libraries are

Lighty+FCGI is fast enough in practice, though. There was a thread at
the Kepler list a few months ago with benchmarks (startup times only)
of Lighty+FCGI+WSAPI vs Lighty+FCGI+PHP:

Fabio Mascarenhas, Lablua