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Am Montag 13 Juli 2009 00:50:29 schrieb
> > From: Steven Barth <>
> > Subject: [ANN] nixio 0.3 - System, Networking and I/O library
> > ...
> > Source Tarball:
> > Documentation:
> >
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Steven
> This looks very nice.  I look forward to trying it out.
> Looking at user.c, it would appear that most functions are not
> supported on Windows.  Is that correct?

Yes unfortunately, if you are unsure whether a functions is POSIX-only just 
have a look at the documentation. If there is a prefix like (POSIX) or (Linux) 
then its only availalbe on that platform(s).

Maybe one could write a wrapper in the future that uses WinAPI calls to 
emulate something like getspnam under Windows. But I'm not very familiar with 
the WinAPI by myself. Windows support was just a thing I added because I need 
this library in a cross-platform project.