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On 6/22/09, Phoenix Sol <> wrote:
>> But I do have a new question which is relevant to this question. I saw
>> the announcement of lua-llvm which suggests you can statically compile
>> down Lua code to native code. Assuming you were just using Lua without
>> any intent to download and interpret new code, would lua-llvm allow
>> you to create a completely native, self-contained executable static
>> binary that would satisfy Apple's conditions?
>> Thanks,
>> Eric
> It would not be necessary, Eric, as mentioned previously. *You can use Lua
> in your application.* You just can't download arbitrary scripts from the
> installed app. I can appreciate where they are coming from there; I just
> think that 'power users' and 'developers' ought to be able to take that
> responsibility upon themselves, such as one apparently can on the Android
> platform.

Apple's app approval process is kind of a mystery and I wouldn't be
surprised if Apple rejected an app on the basis of them knowing it
uses interpreted Lua scripts even if there was no downloading of new
external scripts.

My question is more along the lines of, can lua-llvm be used to
compile native static binaries such that it is indistinguishable from
any other app written in C/Obj-C, and you can fairly claim there is no
interpreted code, thus be in full compliance with Apple's terms and
get an app on the App store.