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2009/6/20 Florian Weimer <>
* Henk Boom:

> 2009/6/19 Hisham <>
>> So I'm guessing that my personal "expected" behavior for
>> continue-within-repeat would be Peter Cawley's alternative number 5:
>> > 5) A "continue" within a repeat ... until construct causes execution
>> > to jump back to the statement immediately following the "repeat", thus
>> > skipping the "until" clause entirely.
> Unfortunately this solution makes it hard to reason with loop
> invariants, since you can no longer make the assumption that the loop
> condition holds at the beginning of each iteration.

You can't do that for repeat ... until anyway. 8-)

Heh, you got me there =)

I think people are sort of used to handling the first iteration as a special case in repeat/until, though.