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Luup Luup wrote:

I wanted to let the Lua community know we just released a software engine that supports Z-Wave, soon Insteon & Zigbee, and other smarthome features and allows creating plugins in Lua. It's also a UPnP-Lua bridge adding functions to the Lua instance for all the UPnP and smarthome stuff. We're offering cash bonuses for high-priority Lua plugins and free + subsidized hardware to Lua developers because we'd obviously like to get some experienced Lua developers using the platform since we'll have a lot of users who are new to Lua, and so we'd like to get a lot of samples and expert tips from the Lua gurus. The dev environment basically starts by having you describe a device or plugin and adding actions to it, which it converts into UPnP files with fill-in-the-blanks where you put the Lua code to implement all the actions.

There's a short press release here: which links to details on the offers. Any recommendations or comments are greatly appreciated too.

Interesting, I can't promises anything but I certainly will take a close look...