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I am new at lua , hence I may have some basic questions…


I am using an Appweb server skilled with Lua Handler,

So I can perform .lp pages to be available with this http server.

It works, and .lp files are correctly recognized.

(.lua files are not recognized)


As I am about to produce some html pages,

And for some reasons have to keep with the .html extension,

I would like to use html pages that could have lua code inserted.


But :

Whenever I add

< !--$$ lua code $$-->

It is seen as a comment code inside my html page and it is not treated.


I tried also

<% lua code %>



$| lua code |$


As in the lp page which works, but it is then treated as text and directly written to the browser.


Is there a way to change the server configuration (here : appweb.conf) so that the lua

Code inserted in html files is seen as lua code ?





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