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2009/6/2 Rob Kendrick <>:
> On Tue, 02 Jun 2009 17:28:04 +0100
> Pavel Kobel <> wrote:
>> Rob Kendrick <> wrote:
>> >
>> > I adapted Mike Pall's mandelbrot implementation to be (very) crudely
>> > multi-process, ....
>> Very wonderful. Thank you for hard work.
>> So io.popen() is not elegant? I am not so familiar of other
>> programming languages.
>> Which language has most elegant parallel syntax? Can that graft
>> to Lua easily?
> A more elegant solution would be to use fork() or threads, but I felt
> it was within the spirit of the game to not resort to C code, given
> we're meant to be measuring Lua, not C.

Given how most of these comparative benchmarks implementation use and
abuse of C libraries (often for the reason that they are shipped with
the interpreter), I don't think the spirit of that game is to use pure