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David Given wrote:
Apropos of nothing much, people might be interested in the following link:

That was very interesting. Marceau technique seems to capture meaningful data in a visually attractive way. Thanks for the link!

It looks like the biggest Lua/LuaJIT performance outlier in the 2009 test is fannkuch. The top performers take advantage of the multicore host system by creating threads to split up the work. It would be interesting to see if throwing luaproc at the problem would help. The test system is a quad core (mine at work and home are dual). A three-fold speed up would move Lua/LuaJIT up from rank 24 to 18 or so.

I've used neither luaproc nor LuaJIT for anything more than an initial evaluation, so it will be a fun little project while I'm away over the weekend. If I can get it working, I'll report back. Others should feel free to beat me to it.


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