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Diego and list:

This certainly is not a bug, but I was caught off-guard when I forgot
to build "headers.lua" into my self-contained distro of Lua.

The real kicker was that "headers.lua" implements the change for http
headers I'd rallied for a while back.

Thanks again,


On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 4:41 AM, Diego Nehab <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am placing the release candidate for LuaSocket 2.0.3 for public scrutiny
> at
> This is a bugfix release that hopefully corrects all known bugs. Here is a
> list
> of improvements:
>    * Fixed: multicast didn't work on Windows (Herbert Leuwer, Adrian
> Sietsma)
>    * Fixed: select() reports an error when called with more
>      sockets than FD_SETSIZE (Lorenzo Leonini)
>    * Fixed: mime.unb64() returns empty string on results that start
>      with a null character (Robert Raschke)
>    * Fixed: HTTP now automatically redirecting on 303 and 307 (Jonathan
> Gray)
>    * Fixed: sleep(-1) could sleep forever wasting CPU. Now it
>      returns immediately (MPB);
>    * Fixed: manual links to home.html changed to index.html (Robert Hahn)
>    * Improved: FTP commands are now sent in upper case to
>      help buggy servers (Anders Eurenius)
>    * Improved: known headers now sent in canonic
>      capitalization to help buggy servers (Joseph Stewart);
>    * Improved: Clarified tcp:receive() in the manual (MPB);
> As usual, feedback is welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Diego